Keyword Research Tool: Top Tips For Unearthing High-Impact Keywords

Keyword Research Tool

Intro about keyword research tool

A keyword research tool is an essential asset for anyone looking to optimize their online presence and improve search engine rankings or advertising online.

These tools provide valuable insights into popular search terms, their search volume, and the level of competition they face.

By using a keyword research tool, businesses and website owners can identify relevant and high-impact keywords that align with their target audience's intent.

Armed with this information, they can create content that resonates with users, increase organic traffic, and drive more potential customers to their websites.

Additionally, keyword research tools often offer advanced features, such as analyzing competitor keywords and tracking keyword performance over time, enabling users to refine their SEO or PPC strategies continually.

In the fiercely competitive digital landscape, a reliable keyword research tool is a game-changer, helping businesses stand out and thrive in their respective industries.

Keyword and Ad Research Process for PPC Advertising

PPC advertising, commonly known as pay per click advertising, stands as the oldest yet, in my opinion, the most effective and straightforward approach to advertising, driven by its own meaningful logic.

Unlike other methods that interrupt Internet surfers to draw attention to their offerings, PPC advertising allows you to showcase precisely what the online visitor is actively seeking.

This aspect underscores the significance of your advertising strategy and campaign preparation.

To begin your campaigns, you must focus on identifying relevant keywords and crafting compelling ads that will initiate the expenditure of your advertising budget, determining the success or failure of your endeavor.

Selecting the right keywords will trigger the display of your ads on search engines, but it is equally crucial that your ad aligns with the searcher's intent and captivates their attention, enticing them to click through and explore further.

In the forthcoming post, we will dig into building an optimized landing page where you direct your visitors, (paying for their visitation) to maximize the potential of your PPC advertising efforts.

Embrace the wisdom of the "greats" and learn from their experiences.

In life, it's natural to observe successful individuals and aspire to emulate their achievements or surpass them.

Embrace the wisdom of the "greats"

Fortunately, there are valuable services like SpyFu that can offer insights into what, who, how, and even the duration of their advertising efforts.

By utilizing such platforms, you gain visibility into the strategies of major players who undoubtedly advertise with the intent of boosting their profits rather than making losses.

To conduct effective research, I recommend sticking to certain rules that will aid in filtering and selecting the best keywords and ads.

This will increase your chances of attracting genuinely interested visitors to your landing pages and optimizing conversions and sales right from the onset of your campaign.

Understandably, not every campaign will immediately bring profits, and some might not become profitable at all.

Nevertheless, with a growing pool of data and occasional sales, you will acquire valuable insights to work with and optimize your strategies.

To achieve this, ensure you've set up all the essential tools and services to monitor the activities of each campaign visitor diligently.

This level of monitoring will enable you to recognize precisely what is successful and what is not.

As a result, you can make necessary adjustments (optimizations) and discontinue any under performing elements while allowing those driving sales to continue their course.

The tracking tools and services required for this purpose will be elaborated in upcoming posts.

Stay tuned for further details!

Keyword Research Guidelines

To conduct comprehensive keyword research using SpyFu, follow these steps to identify the most suitable keywords for your campaigns:

1. Identify the "big players":

Use the SpyFu service to explore the advertising strategies of major competitors in your niche. Search for the broadest term that describes your campaign focus, such as "page builders" for easily creating web pages for blogs and sites. Analyze the prominent advertisers like Unbounce, LeadPages, and InstaPage, as they align with your promotion goals.

2. Leverage competitor brand keywords:

Observe how your competitors utilize their brands in PPC ads. While using your brand's keywords might be prohibited, you can bid on rival site brands to attract potential customers and earn commissions. SpyFu provides valuable insights into competitor bidding strategies, which you can apply to your campaign, for instance, bidding on Unbounce, InstaPage, and Leadpages when promoting ThriveThemes.

3. Examine competitor PPC keywords:

Utilize the PPC keywords tab in SpyFu to access a list of keywords that your competitors use for advertising.

4. Refine your keyword list:

Utilize SpyFu's advanced filter options to narrow down the list of keywords based on your criteria. For example, select keywords with at least 1000 searches to ensure demand, and with a cost per click (CPC) of at least $1 to identify valuable keywords with advertisers willing to spend on them.

5. Exclude unwanted keywords:

Exclude irrelevant or undesired keywords from your list using SpyFu's Exclude filter. For instance, if you do not want to target users seeking free offerings, you can exclude keywords containing "free" from your list.

6. Handpick highly targeted keywords:

After applying the filters, you should have a refined list of potential keywords. Download this list from SpyFu and carefully evaluate each keyword, selecting those that align closely with your campaign objectives. Use your logic and intuition to identify a small number of highly targeted keywords that resonate with your audience.

Remember, a thoughtful and strategic approach to keyword research is the key to running successful advertising campaigns.

By following these steps and utilizing the insights provided by SpyFu, you can enhance your campaign's chances of attracting the right audience and achieving your desired results.

Below, you will find an illustration of my logic for selecting keywords, where I've marked the words I will use in green and the words I've discarded in red.

Best page builder

This audience is looking for a page builder – I use it

Page builder example

This audience is looking for examples, I'm uncertain, so I decide to discard it

Selection of ads for the campaign

Selecting ads for your campaign is a straightforward process, facilitated by SpyFu's valuable insights into the exact ads and their texts used by other advertisers.

By examining the keywords you plan to utilize, you can observe how prominent sites structure their ads, and then craft similar (or even identical) text for your own ads.

You'll notice that these ads frequently align with the most powerful keywords, as incorporating the same search terms into the ad's title prompts users to click, generating genuine interest in your offering and leading them to take the desired actions on your landing page.

The effectiveness and logic behind this approach make it easy to grasp and implement.

As you continue learning and applying these methods, you'll find that they gradually become second nature to your business operations.

With time, you'll develop personalized filters to fine-tune your selection of keywords and ads.

In essence, this process is a continuous learning journey, where each step becomes more effortless and efficient, eventually becoming an essential part of your business strategies.

As you gain experience, you'll confidently shape your own unique filters and approaches when choosing the most impactful words and ads for your campaigns.

Short paragraph about SpyFu

SpyFu SEO and PPC Competitor Keyword Research Tool

SpyFu is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence tool designed to help businesses gain a strategic edge in the digital landscape.

With SpyFu, users can uncover valuable insights into their competitors' online advertising strategies and organic search performance.

By analyzing competitors' keywords, ad campaigns, and search rankings, businesses can identify opportunities to refine their own marketing efforts, discover untapped markets, and strengthen their SEO and PPC strategies.

SpyFu's user-friendly interface and comprehensive data provide users with a clear picture of their digital competitors, empowering them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the ever-evolving online market.

Whether you're seeking to boost your online visibility, refine your keyword strategy, or enhance your ad campaigns, SpyFu is a reliable ally for businesses looking to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.


The Internet is a game of big numbers and you can make money in a lot of ways.

Whether you choose freelancing, affiliate marketing, leveraging social networks, building blogs to rank on Google, or exploring other avenues, there's potential for profitability.

However, if you seek rapid results, advertising proves to be the most efficient route.

This way, as soon as you set up your campaign and start paying for clicks, you might witness immediate outcomes, often seeing profits within days.

As you work on your skills and gain experience, the possibilities expand exponentially. You can create multiple campaigns and explore new income sources without limitations.

While it requires an initial investment and expenditure, approaching advertising with persistence and monitoring results can lead to substantial returns.

Once you've achieved your first sales and optimized your strategies, the income can continue on autopilot, lasting for months or even years without requiring constant attention or effort.

In my humble opinion, this source of income should not be underestimated or overlooked.

It has the potential to grant you financial security and independence in the times ahead.

Embracing advertising as a viable income stream can prove to be a valuable asset on your journey toward success.


bonus keyword research tool

Keyword research tool for SEO – you can use SpyFu

Keyword research is a fundamental aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that involves identifying and analyzing the most relevant and valuable keywords for a website or online content.

By understanding what users are searching for and which terms they use, businesses and website owners can optimize their content to align with user intent and increase organic traffic from search engines.

Effective keyword research involves finding the right balance between high search volume and low competition keywords, allowing businesses to rank higher in search engine results and reach their target audience more effectively.

By integrating well-researched keywords into their content, websites can enhance their online visibility, drive qualified traffic, and ultimately improve their overall SEO performance.

Keyword research tool for SEO

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