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Intro - How To Make Money Online With YouTube

Discover the ultimate guide on how to make money online with YouTube. Explore proven strategies for content creation, audience engagement, and monetization techniques.

Learn how to leverage your creativity to build a successful YouTube channel that generates income through ads, sponsorships, merchandise, and more.

In this post, I will present you a way to make money online using YouTube.

It's no secret that there are tons of ways to make money online using just your computer and an internet connection. It is also no secret that few of them really manage to earn anything on the Internet and that there are a lot of half-true and even fake techniques, suggestions, descriptions, instructions.

It is also a common case that something worked at some point, but time overtook that strategy and it stopped working just when you decided to implement it.

In this post I will describe a technique that could work for many people and bring money, but...

There's always a but, because at least I haven't found something that's flawless and you just click three times and the money starts flowing.

However, this but for many of you can be a small obstacle and indeed, if you follow the strategy, you can expect profits.

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A brief overview of the approach:

To sum up, my proposal involves creating a straightforward YouTube channel that you'll gradually develop. This channel will provide you with a consistent income derived from viewer interactions, facilitated by YouTube monetization.

I advise you to carefully read through the entire strategy before hastily dismissing it as unsuitable for you. It's essential not to prematurely assume that you require millions of views or the status of a renowned YouTube personality. In reality, the process can be simpler, and with some guidance, anyone can achieve a respectable monthly income

What is that but?

The two main ailis in this strategy are that you have to invest money in your business and you have to be patient.

By the way, if you have read anything from me before and know me at least a little, you know that I have never and will not offer you something that will bring you a quick and easy profit in order to sell you some kind of tool or service, because I have not found it and it does not exist (unless you are the new Tesla or Bill Gates).

My strategies are realistic and implementable, but they always have, but even if you don't understand it, my suggestion is not to engage in any online adventures.

So, if you are not ready to invest money, effort and patience in your business, which will bring you money, then I don't need to tell you anything further, you will decide for yourself.

But, if you are ready to invest money and be patient, this could be the strategy for you, because it is really doable and can be your way to earn money online.

Here I must disclaim that I cannot guarantee anyone a profit, because everything depends on many factors and on what you actually undertake and what exactly you do following this strategy.

How To Make Money Online With YouTube 2

What is the advantage of this strategy?

I described what these strategies mean to me, so it's time to describe the advantages and also to interest you to perhaps put the tactics into practice.

The first and most important thing is that you don't have to do anything related to video creation and other technical things, because the mainstay of this strategy is to outsource everything, or in other words, to pay for everything.

The second pillar of this strategy is to order videos in the style of How to... This means that you should choose a topic around which you will make videos on how to do this or that... It may sound strange to you, but on YouTube these are the most searched for and watched videos and people like to see how to do something because it solves their problem.

If you choose some software or tool and decide to create a YouTube channel around that software or tool and order videos of that type and if those videos are cheaply produced (use Fiverr), if there are a lot of them, if they solve some (even the smallest is valuable) problem for someone who is watching you will have views.

If you have views, if you are patient, you will manage to meet the criteria of the YouTube service to go into monetization mode and YouTube will place advertisements before and during your videos and you will be paid for each advertisement.

Now, how much you invest, how many videos you make (order), how patient you are, how much you will earn.

Another good thing about this strategy is that when your YouTube channel starts making money, you can either cross your arms and let it go, or reinvest the earnings and strengthen the channel, or build other channels and provide yourself with even more earnings.

This is a description of the basic and simplest way. If you have questions or ambiguities, you can contact me by email so I can answer some questions or ambiguities.

This is a really simplified description and I agree that you may have questions, but the skeleton of the strategy is clear and many of you should already have an idea of what and how you would try to implement it.

However, since this is a simple description, in the next paragraph I will add more advanced techniques that you can use to earn more and faster.

How To Make Money Online With YouTube 3

More advanced techniques for making money with a YouTube channel

The first and obvious one is that if you know, or are willing to learn, you can make videos yourself and upload them to your YouTube channel without paying freelancers to do it for you.

This has a lot of advantages, because you don't have to fight and negotiate with freelancers to explain what and how to go out, and making a video doesn't have to be too difficult.

For this How to style you just need to learn how to record your screen and while doing something how you do it explain how to do it, record the screen and there you have a YouTube video.

Any software that people use from drop down menus all you do can be a short video How to...

You can also show your work to freelancers so that they can understand it, so that together you can create more videos and have a larger base for viewing and monetizing on YouTube.

The next thing you can do is invite your video viewers to visit a tool (related to the topics of your videos) for which you have provided your affiliate link in the description of the YouTube video, and open a whole new source of income for you.

For example, if you make a YouTube channel about how to make a video with some tool and through your videos you describe how to do something, what prevents you from placing your affiliate link below the video.

Then you invite someone who watches your video to visit that link, they start paying for that tool and you earn an affiliate commission and that's how you earn extra.

The next thing you should do is use one of two excellent YouTube ranking services:

1. TubeBuddy

2. VidIQ

These services are not magic wands, but they are very cheap and very useful.

They allow you to see what is being searched for on YouTube, how much competition there is, who is already ranked, what those videos look like...

Simply, I can give you insight on how to rank your videos more easily, show you where you are going wrong, what to fix, where to start and similar useful things for your YouTube video channel.

I think now these services cost about 5...6 dollars per month and both are reliable and of high quality and whichever you choose you will not go wrong. The difference is only in which interface you will like and suit you better and how you would use it.

Feel free to visit these services through my affiliate links

1. TubeBuddy

2. VidIQ



I picked up this strategy from marketers I trust and trust and I think it's very interesting. Yes, you will be investing money and taking risks, but it all makes sense and has a good chance of making you money from YouTube ads.

Some predict that such a channel can bring you around 10% return on investment in the worst case that you pay for each video.

This means that in 10 months you will get back your investment and after that there will be a net profit that can last for years regardless of what you do on that YouTube channel. And if you reinvest, do the math yourself.

So if you invest 3000 USD you have 5... 6 years at 300 USD per month essentially without your work. It's just a matter of running the business until you order and upload all the ordered videos. And if you reinvest again: do the math yourself.

So, in the end: this is not a strategy and tactic that will make you sickly rich, but that many people can implement it and make themselves a decent income. That for sure.

If 300 USD per month is not enough for someone, let them invest 5000 and they will have 500. If you include affiliate marketing, if you make a little effort to improve your videos with tools (TubeBuddy, VidIQ) and rank better, you can earn much more and much faster.

Now it's all up to you: either get to work or contact me and ask what interests you.

Or simple... Read more about PPC advertising here...

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