Easy To Follow Roadmap to Setup Paid Ads on Microsoft and Make Money

Easy To Follow Roadmap to Setup Paid Ads on Microsoft and Make Money

Paid Ads on Microsoft

Paid ads on Microsoft is one of the most unused ways to make money online from comfort of your home.

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads, Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter) is an online advertising platform developed by Microsoft that provides pay per click advertising on the Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo search engines, as well as on other websites, mobile apps, and videos. In 2021, Microsoft Advertising surpassed US$10 billion in annual revenue.

Earning via the Internet is no longer so abstract and everyone who lives in this time already has some idea about it, and more and more people are starting to believe that it is possible and realistic, and that in fact a large number of people can try it.
Today there are really a lot of legal ways to make money from your room using only a computer and the internet.
However, many people think it's easy, so after some failures they quickly become disappointed and give up, and that (in my opinion) is the biggest problem of beginners in online business.
So you try something, you don't succeed right away, then you look for something else, something easier, then you fail again, then you try something else.
Then you start buying courses, various tools... you think now they will... then again new tools... and so on until you lose all faith and start thinking that it's only for a select few.
So, feel free to use paid ads on Microsoft.

Well, that's not true, and therefore: 
Stop wasting your time on always new and almost always ineffective ways to make money on the Internet and fooling yourself that you will make money easily and without effort.

The sooner you realize that, the closer you will be to your goal. If you have already tried to earn from home using your computer and the Internet and did not really make any money, then tried something else again, and again did not become rich, don’t get discouraged.

Take a moment to ask yourself this:

Have you given one method a chance for at least 6 months and persevered only with that method?
You probably didn't and I can tell you immediately that this is the cause of your failure, not the method and the way you chose.
Do you think you made a mistake while applying any method?
That’s possible, but I can tell you right now that it's not the cause of your failure, it's that you didn't give yourself enough time to see some progress and results coming from that mistake. 
Did you take your attempt as a real job?
I'm almost certain you haven't, and if you don't realize that, it's very difficult to succeed online.
job vs business

Conclusion about Microsoft paid ads:

This is work, not entertainment, which does not exclude the possibility of having fun while working.
Doing business and making money online is much simpler than you might think, but there are a few things need to keep in mind before you even start on your next step.

1. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. During life and education, we were all wrongly taught that mistakes are a negative thing and should be avoided. A small number of successful people know that only by making mistakes, learning and progressing they reach their goal and they do not give up easily and those few achieve success. I suggest you adopt this and include yourself among them.

2. Choose what you want to try and don't give up persistently until you see some results. Everything is easier after that.The method I suggest you follow is PPC advertising and the Microsoft Bing ad engine. This is (in my opinion) the easiest way to try something, and of course, like everything else in life, it has its pros and cons.

For now, trust me that anyone can learn and apply it and I will show you in a step-by-step series (for free) how to follow the instructions and slowly learn and progress, until you are able to turn every campaign you run into a profit.
paid ads on microsoft

A brief description of what awaits you:

Microsoft PPC advertising is a way where you will place your ad to your affiliate offers (click here to find out what affiliate marketing is, if you don't know what it is) so that someone who searches for what you are advertising through your affiliate link (through your ad) will visit what offer, buy it and you earn a commission.
Yes, this is easy and it can really make you money, but you have to be aware that you can also just spend money and not earn.
However, if you follow the steps that I describe to you, your ads will have a chance to be profitable, and with proper monitoring of the performance of the ads, and how you set them up, you will have before your eyes exactly what brings you money and what loses money, and by optimizing and shutting down what loses money.
By "amplifying" what brings in money, you will be able to increase profits and create new campaigns and do the same with them again, and so on indefinitely.
The point is to create decent campaigns, monitor performance and optimize them until they turn into money instead of losses.
This is the whole philosophy, which is very simple and anyone can learn and apply it, and I will show you everything step by step.
microsoft ads signup 1

Why Microsoft Bing ads?

Because it's a much cheaper and easier way to test your campaigns and because it's the largest untapped advertising network, with 12 billion searches per month.
Because it is a less restrictive advertising network than Google AdWords and it will be easier to get your campaigns accepted and it is more convenient to learn for a beginner.
Later you can apply all the knowledge to a bigger Google advertiser and you will be ready for it.

So why isn't everyone advertising on Microsoft Bing Ads?

To be honest: I don't know. Probably many immediately go to Google, many have not even heard of Bing, there is very little real information on how to do it, or something else...
But, it doesn't even matter to you if you have the desire to try something and see the logic in what I am presenting to you and I will show you the whole process from A to Z and you can always contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
What can you expect from this course?

1 Save time and unnecessary stress.

Spend less time on campaigns to bring as many visitors through your ads as possible, who are ready to buy, and you earn commissions.

2 Reliable sales.

Once you learn how to pick the right keywords, and which ads are bringing you sales, you have a reliable system for generating more and more profit each month.

3 Passive income.

You will have more freedom and time for your work and when you set up campaigns that bring you money, nothing prevents you from committing to new campaigns that will bring you even more money, or simply enjoy your free time while some campaigns bring you money.
setup your mindset
Why am I different and why put your trust in me?
I deal with PPC advertising myself and I have real experience in this field. I will never recommend a tool that I don't use and pay for and I will make sure that the prices are affordable for everyone.
I can guarantee that those tools would play a big role in your business, you will find them useful for many purposes. I think my offer is fair and transparent, so anyone who wants to get into it is welcome! Read about me here... or contact me here...
I suggest that you first read the entire course and process, and understand what awaits you on the way to making money, and when you decide to start, don't stop until you reach success through mistakes.
Here I must emphasize that everything I propose is legal and you can earn money, but that the process includes payment for advertising and some tools and services, which increase your chances of success, and that I cannot guarantee anyone only earnings, also you have to be aware that you can lose money.
I will give you the whole process and tricks to have a good chance of making money, but in the end it all depends on you and what methods you apply, what actions you take during the process of running your campaigns.
I have to tell you that I also have made mistakes and spent years gathering experience through mistakes and wanderings.
However, over time we learn, gather experience and progress. You can't expect to start making money right away.
Unfortunately, this is the harsh truth and if you are not ready to invest both money and time and take this as a serious business, perhaps it is better not to get involved.
But, if you are a fighter and ready for sacrifices, sweat and tears, and if you invest in this, and only this, path for about 6 months of effort and work, it is almost certain that it will pay off and that later it will be easy for you to manage your own life, and how much you will work for yourself, and only for yourself, without an employer, a boss and various nonsense that comes with a classic job.
I will go back to the beginning and emphasize: there is no reason to be afraid if you do not know something now or if something is not clear to you.
You will learn best if you take action and try, and through mistakes you will learn, progress and be closer and closer to your goal of becoming independent and earning.
However, you must be aware that success does not come easily and that you have to pay to reach your goal.
I pay through ads and campaign payments where I measure the results and adjust the campaigns and which is the fastest way, but obviously it costs you the pure money that you risk on the campaigns.
Easy To Follow Roadmap to Setup Paid Ads on Microsoft and Make Money
Don't underestimate the power of small steps and persistence, because successful people use just that to reach their goal. Also, don't be afraid of mistakes, because even successful people make mistakes, but they keep going and again, that's how they reach their goal.
There are two more ways, with which I am well acquainted and where I can advise you, how to bring interested visitors to your affiliate links where you will earn money without paying for ads, and they are; 
  • writing a blog
  • making videos for YouTube
Both ways are good and cheap in terms of money, but in this particular job you have to pay more with your effort and patience to learn everything, then apply it, and be persistent until it starts to give results, and that is a whole process that might take more months, if not years, but it will pay off in the long run.
This entire post is dedicated for you to decide whether you want to deal with challenges and sacrifices or not. For any questions or instructions feel free to contact me.
So, if you are ready to learn and apply what you have learned, click here to read the following post, which introduces you to the Microsoft PPC ad engine, and how to register and create your account, where you will pay and place your ads for your campaigns.

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